Alan Stuart (アラン・スティア一ト) is the second capturable character in the otome game Fortune Lover. He is the younger twin brother of Gerald Stuart. Alan grew up constantly being compared to his genius elder brother, which is why he grew to be slightly twisted (but not as much as Gerald). He doesn't look like his brother at all and sports a wild appearance. He acts like the youngest child, slightly spoiled and egoistical.


Alan sports a gray spiky hair with long bangs parted at the center and sea-green or blue like eyes. He also wears earrings, adding to his wilder and almost un-twin like image with his older brother Gerald.


Alan shows inferiority complex with Gerald who seems to be perfect in everything he does. This lays the foundation for many of his flaws before meeting Katarina. After hearing Katarina's words, Alan's strained relationship with Gerald was mended. He also began to show his talent for music which was supposed to be bloomed by the protagonist in the story, but due to Katarina's actions, he began to play piano having gained his self-confidence.

Like Katarina, he is dense when it comes to most things, like when he didn't realize his feelings for Katarina even though he liked her since childhood. He has a boorish side as well, which he shows openly.


Alan visited the House of Claes abruptly one day. He glares at Katarina and bares how she was stealing his fiance, Mary Hunt. Katarina immediately retaliates, asking when has she done such a thing. She then remembered how she stole Alan's romantic event. Their argument culminated with a tree-climbing race. Katarina won and Alan went home, promising that he would be back to defeat her. His recent visitation to Katarina was overheard by Gerald. When he returned to the House of Claes later on, his brother was also there.

Alan, who suffered with an inferiority complex because of his brother's supposed perfection, ran away from the two. Katarina follows him and she told him that Gerald isn't perfect, as he also has a weakness. Seeing an opportunity to scare Gerald, Katarina threw a snake toy and scared him. Alan, amused, realized Gerald was not as perfect as Alan thought him to be. His outlook changed significantly, to the point he managed to form a significantly healthier relationship with his brother and himself.

Game Description

Gerald's younger twin brother, the fourth prince of the country. Until he was five, he was quite sickly, and almost died. Because of that, he was raised over protectively, and became a rather spoiled prince. However, compared to his older twin that can do anything, he’s a bit competitive. He always had a strong sense of rivalry and inferiority towards his older twin, and barely interacted with him at all.

Such an Alan attended school with his twin, viewing his brother as a rival to defeat, and strove to train in magic. During this time, for the results of the first academic tests, Alan was ranked third. In the first place was his brother Gerald, and second place was the heroine. Not only did he not beat his brother, but since he also lost to a commoner girl, he got involved with her by viewing her as a rival to beat.

Then, while getting himself involved with the bright, optimistic heroine, he fell in love. And, the heroine told him that “it’s fine for Alan to just be Alan,” his strong sense of inferiority gradually faded, and he even began interacting with his brother Gerald normally.

The villainess Katarina Claes does not appear on Alan’s route. She slightly teased the commoner heroine for her good grades, but it was nothing obnoxious like the Gerald or Keith routes. There was a different rival that appeared instead. That would be, Prince Alan’s fiancee, Marquis Hunt’s daughter, Mary Hunt.

Mary, who loved Prince Alan from the bottom of her heart, was jealous of the heroine, but...she didn’t stoop to the level of Katarina’s harassment.

Mary was an obstacle to the heroine in the form of a wonderful lady. Showing the difference between her and a commoner in areas such as etiquette and dance, she was a dignified rival to the heroine.

In contrast to Prince Gerald’s utter lack of feelings towards Katarina, although Prince Alan didn’t hold romantic feelings towards Mary, he treated Mary very well and thought of her as a cute sister.

Game Routes

  1. If the heroine captures Alan successfully, and gets the happy end–Mary will give up Alan over to the heroine, and congratulate them while asking the heroine to “always support Prince Alan from now on.” A saddening scene where there were tears in her eyes as she said so.
  2. If the heroine fails to capture Alan and gets the bad end–Alan gets married to Mary as originally promised, and all is well that ends well.


Katarina Claes

Katarina is a childhood friend of Alan Stuart. He possesses feelings for her but doesn't realize until she fell into a short coma. She was the one who made him gain self-confidence making him able to play piano and express his musical talents without feeling overshadowed by his twin brother Gerald Stuart. When they were 8-9 years old Alan unexpectedly challenged Katarina to a battle or contest since Katarina was "seducing" his fiance Mary Hunt. This was their first meeting together. Their contests consisted of tree-climbing, sword fighting, etc. One day when he challenged her, he was meet by his twin brother and Katarina having tea together. This is the first time we see Alan's inferiority complex. Their relationship improved after Katarina threw a poorly made fake snake at Alan's twin brother to show that he isn't perfect like him. This lead to Katarina getting into trouble after being tattled on by Gerald and Alan having a laughing fit. This stays true to the current Katarina as whenever she does something not-so-smart he has to struggle trying not to laugh. They are currently friends because Katarina is as dense as a rock.

Gerald Stuart

Gerald Stuart is Alan Stuart's twin brother. When both of them were around 8-9 years old they didn't have a positive relationship. In those years Alan had an inferiority complex with Gerald. Many people said that Alan was the leftovers after Gerald took the favorable attributes. They are also rivals meaning they have the same love interest.

Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt is the fiancee of Alan Stuart. Although they are in an arranged engagement, Alan and Mary don't possess any feeling towards each other. Rather, both have romantic feelings for Katarina. In their earlier years of childhood Alan had some feelings for Mary, as he called her cute and pure. Now they are friends and rivals, similar to the relationship he has with his twin brother Gerald Stuart, Maria Campbell, etc.


  • "That smiling lovely girl, was actually our biggest rival, and what’s more the strongest enemy, was something I would only realize later and a story for another time."(Side Story 7, Volume 2)
  • "I guess I'd take her hand and go out or something... protect her and all that stuff. Uhh, guess I could write some songs and play them for her. Ain't good for much else. Don't know what makes girls happy anyway, so......Huh. This whole thing is kinda embarrassing."(When asked what he would like to do with his lover. Boy's Talk at Tea Time, Light Novel Volume 5)
  • "A bird, I guess. I wanna try flying in the sky, just once. Seems interesting."(When asked what he wants to become. If You Were Reincarnated, What Would You Be?, Light Novel Volume 5)


  • He hates the dark political undercurrents of noble society.
  • He likes musical instruments and also performances.
  • He shares the same level in strength/power, magic, and stamina with Giord, albeit not as smart and charismatic as him.
  • When asked what he would want his lover to do for him, he says he will be happy if they smiled after hearing one of his performances.
Someone I like, huh... I'd be happy if they'd stay by my side. That's all I want. I guess I'd be happy if they smiled after listening to one of my performances.

—Alan, Volume 5 Character Profiles


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