• Karamel990

    I'm so tired. First, the homework was easy-peasy. Then suddenly it became borderline mind rape.

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  • LucidDemøn

    DISCLAIMER! These are my opinions so don't yell at me for being confused or generally a bit disturbed by your ship, and in no ways am I trying to convince you not to ship them cause you can ship what you ship, or trying to make one of your favorite characters look bad. Also, ones I skip I generally have no opinion on.

    ahem, let's stuff with the first romance established in the anime which is Gerald Stuart! Let me say if their engagement actually forwards even though all of these love interests I'll be shook, like I'ma be honest- to me Gerald doesn't compare to some of these characters in this harem like seriously. Anyway, ever since the latest episodes have been coming out I always get this gross vibe whenever Gerald and Katarina have their…

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  • Adau3012

    I like it because of the art style and the characters are really wholesome :3

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  • Toji-san

    Adoption Request

    April 11, 2020 by Toji-san

    Hello guys, I am Toji-san. I want to adopt this wiki, so I will need your support to do that

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  • Kusuo1412

    Hello everyone.

    I am the current admin. I just got the admin rights yesterday. Because the wiki wasn't handled by the founder User:Bakarina for a long time, the wiki was left as it is. I'll find the right time to edit the whole content. Please kindly wait as I'm starting with the templates first.

    Thank you for reading and happy editing, everyone!

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  • Lygarx

    There is an anime announced.

    October 19, 2018 by Lygarx

    Who is excited for the anime? I know I am. 

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