Caesar Dall(セザール・ダル) is the prince of the Kingdom of Ethenell, a Kingdom located around the east of Solcie Kingdom.


Cesar is a muscular tan-skinned, tall, black-haired man with golden eyes who is noted for his redeeming handsome features.


Cesar is a heroic, unsociable, and elegant man who has deep distrust towards women.

Although he looks elegant and reliable, he has no sense of direction.


As a child, Caesar felt unaccepted and left out due to his peculiar golden eyes. The only place he felt accepted and like a normal child was when he was in his mother's homeland, where golden eyes were common.

His mother died when Caesar was 6 years old.



After the events of the Baroness's daughter's kidnapping has settled down, Caesar advises Sora to return to his hometown with Arnaud, Sora's friend from the slums.

Katarina Claes

Despite Caesar's untrusting nature for women, he strangely gets along with Katarina, and the two share deep mutual trust. He befriends Katarina while pretending to be of lower status.

He is waiting for the moment when Katarina breaks off her engagement with Giord and plans to take her in his homeland and marry her himself.


Jean is Caesar's childhood friend.




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