Oh, these eyes, they’re just like mine.

—Geoffrey, looking at Ian, Gerald and Alan's oil protraits.

Geoffrey Stuart is the eldest of the Stuart brothers. According to Alan, his face is all soft and limply. He further adds that Geoffrey’s neat and proper in public, but in private, he always looks lazy and unreliable, and says ridiculous things. Though they don’t seem as though they don’t get along. However, they’re formed their own factions and are always watched by those around them, so it could be just that they can’t be seen getting along well.


Geoffrey Stuart is a man who, contrary to how he looks, is not only pretty good at his job but is also secretly doing a lot in the shadows. Despite what others think that he competes with Ian and his younger twin brothers, Suzanna, who knows well how Geoffrey thinks. She knows he purposefully let Mason into his faction to get him moving, so he could then push him to ruin after gathering plenty of evidence of his misdeeds. Based on that reasoning, he herds a lot of people like that into his faction, purposefully preventing them from joining Ian’s faction.

Thus, there’s many ne’er-do-wells in his faction. And yet, he doesn’t care – he’s happy with that. He doesn’t really want to ascend the throne at all. There’s only one thing on his mind, the wellness of his younger brothers. Geoffrey Stuart is in reality a pervert who loves his brothers to an abnormal extent.

Fighting with Ian for the throne is all an act. While pretending to fight for the throne, he’s secretly keeping an eye out for any strange or dangerous people and helping Ian out by preventing them from joining Ian’s faction. He’s also always watching out for his twin little brothers as well, making sure that no weird people come near them.

There’s only one thing on this mind – to make sure that the brothers he so loves can live happily. To accomplish his goal, this perverted prince will do absolutely anything.



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