The engagement absolutely can’t be cancelled.

—- Novel Volume 2, Chapter 21

Gerald Stuart (ジオルド・スティア一ト) is the first capturable character in the game Fortune Lover. The night before the death of the main character, she was finally able to capture him.


Gerald is the third prince of the country, and the capture target that is Katarina's fiance. Even though he looks like an orthodox blonde-haired, blue-eyed prince, Katarina thought otherwise that on the inside he’s actually an evil sadistic prince.

However, even though Gerald in the game was supposed to be “not interested in Katarina at all, and almost never visited her, before she noticed, he would come over to her house once every three days. And, he even helps Katarina harvest the fruits and vegetables from the field, and would always bring her sweets as presents, and were completely friends now. They have a lot of contact.

Game Description

Gerald, though have a prince out of a fairy tale look but his personality was twisted and schemer. He is a genius who can do anything. He has no particular interests and is bored with his everyday life.

Game Route

If the heroine falls in love with Gerald, Katarina will head straight to her destruction.


Catarina Claes

After he injured Katarina when they were 8 years old, he became her fiancee as compensation.

In the game, Gerald showed absolutely no interest in Katarina, as she was pompous and annoying. However, as the main protagonist was intriguing to him, he ended up falling head over heels to her. His love went to the extent that he's willing to give up the right of his throne however many times if Katarina would come back home safely.

Despite Catarina's constant attempts to break off their engagement, he does not plan to annul their engagement however. And always manages to dodge the topic somehow.

After confessing to Catarina, Gerald decides to step up and make progress in their relationship. However, the confession was forgotten by Catarina the next day.

After graduating from the academy, Gerald and Alan usually visit the Ministry of Magic for training purposes form time to time, where Catarina also works at.

Keith Claes

In the original game, Keith and Gerald were rivals for Maria's affection. As a result, they often protect Maria from Catarina.

In the present timeline, Keith and Gerald are rivals for Catarina's affection. When Gerald makes advances towards Catarina, Keith is usually the one to intervene to his advances. Keith often quarrels with Gerald that his sister does not have what it takes to become a queen, while Gerald counters that she doesn't have to be.

Gerald even says that had he been in Keith's position, Gerald and Catarina's relationship would have already been something more than just step-siblings.

Alan Stuart

Gerald was the older twin brother of Alan Stuart. In the game, since Alan never liked him too much, Gerald didn't have too much of a relationship with him. In the story, however, he kept Alan from realizing his feelings to Katarina, as he did to brush every other rivals away.

Geoffrey and Ian Stuart

His other brothers were Geoffrey, the firstborn, and Ian Stuart. Gerald never liked Geoffrey because he was obnoxious and unreadable. The truth is he was just extremely doting on his brothers, up to the point that he stalked them and put their photos in his room.

Gerald considered Ian as a better brother with his taciturn and disciplined upbringing. He was referred to as being easier to work with.

Nicole Ascart

He was childhood friends with Nicole, the son of the Prime Minister.

To all of his rivals; Keith, Mary, Alan, Nicole, Sophia, Maria, Rafael, Sola, and any other boys; he really had his guards up. Gerald was extremely possessive towards Catarina, although the subject herself was oblivious to that fact.

Mary Hunt

His twin brother Alan Stuart is currently in an arranged engagement with Mary Hunt. They are acquaintances at most, but they grow to be friends and rivals, fighting for Katarina Claes love.


Fire magic

Gerald possesses fire magic. However, as a Royal, he is not allowed to use them unless necessary.


Gerald excels in swordsmanship. This is proven when he kills Catarina in the game in the bad ending.


  • He is one of the smartest characters along with Nicole and Rafael who are on the same level as him.
  • He is secretly a sadist.
  • He dislikes any animals with the traits: slim and long.
  • When asked what he would like his lover to do for him, he says that he would want her to let him spoil her, or so he says. He then offers to discuss it at a different place, hinting his sadistic hobby.
For her to ask me to spoil her. Perhaps for her to smile by my side, that would be quite pleasant as well. At least, that is what I would say on the surface... but there are many things. However, this is not quite the place for it. We could discuss it after a change of scenery, if you would like? Ah, that is not necessary, you say? Most regrettable.

—Giordo, Volume 5 Character Profiles


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