The magic school is where people with magic power that reach 15, will be gathered by the country, and will have to undergo two years of strict education at the dorms. The school is run by the country, and it’s the largest one of its kind. Within its gigantic campus, besides the school itself, there’s also student and teacher dorms, as well as various magic research facilities and other structures.

The country to sponsored the school with splendid facilities because people with magical power, and the magic they wield are considered important national treasures. In other countries, there are very few people that are born with magic power. It’s not zero, but it seems to be extremely rare. In comparison to other countries, the country where Katarina and the rest of the main characters lived has more people born with magic power, and the country raise them to be the best. That’s why their country has put so much into developing everyone’s magic power.

If a person is recognized for having powerful magic, they’ll be granted power just below that of the king’s, and will receive a position in the powerful organization similar to a ministry of magic. Each year, everyone with magic power that’s turned 15 is gathered but almost all nobles.

That’s right, even though our country has more magic users than other countries, it’s almost entirely made up of the nobility and other people with high social status.

Because of that, whether or not you have magic, and how good your magic is, can be considered a mark of noble status, having powerful magic can also get you adopted by the nobility, so by the time people reach 15, most of them will be enrolling in school as a noble though it's not only nobles that have magic power. It’s really rare, but sometimes there are commoners that are also born with magic power. And so, commoners as well are required to enroll in magic school.

However, commoners born with magic power are so rare that, it seems that there haven’t been any commoner students in magic school for ten years. In the game, after ten years, a commoner with magic power has finally enrolled in magic school and that is Maria Campbell, one of those rare commoners with magic power, and on top of that with light magic. Among the five different types of magic, there’s very few people with the strongest type, light magic.

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