Maria Campbell (マリア・キャンベル) is the main protagonist of the Fortune Lover visual novel game, intended to be Katarina's rival but striking a close friendship with her. She is currently one of the only known characters to have light magic.


Maria grew up in a small border town far away from the capital, and her light magic first activated when she was five and healed the injured foot of her playmate. However, because Maria's family isn't of noble status, she was then shunned by everyone in her place. Her happy family was broken because her father thought that her mother was a mistress of a certain noble while her mother who was called the most beautiful woman in town became distant to Maria.

That’s why Maria worked hard and actively participated in household chores, never complained or said anything selfish, and desperately studied. When she entered magic school, her long years of hopes for magic school were immediately shattered when she learned she was the only commoner. What’s more, she was also bullied for the audacity of having magic powers despite only being a commoner.

When she became a member of the student council, she then met Katarina who fell for her delicious sweets. since she felt needed by Katarina, she started to make sweets for her.

Game Description

Maria is one of those rare commoners with magic power, and on top of that with light magic. All attention would of course be focused on Maria Campbell because of her light magic and she's both good academics and cooking. She has beautiful, flowing blonde hair and clear blue eyes, she’s a beautiful girl.


Katarina Claes

In the game, Katarina would have been Maria's worst love rival and jaundiced enemy, in an extreme level since the game Katarina is typically killed or exiled in most of the routes involving her; this is likely due to how the game Katarina had been brought in the typical spoiled lifestyle as a duke's daughter which formed her arrogance and conceit. Currently, because Katarina had regained her past memories as a Japanese girl with humble origins, the current Katarina is the first person to create a strong bond with Maria, who was psychologically isolated when going to a school that mostly consisted of nobles, as Katarina saved Maria from being bullied on a number of occasions. Thus, Maria sees Katarina as her most important person. Unbeknownst to Maria, the current Katarina had vicariously experienced part of Maria's life, by playing Maria's game version in Japan, so Katarina knows Maria's possible future to some extent. While the current Katarina had formed a relationship with Maria, partly to avoid the death scenarios that the game Katarina experienced, Katarina had also cherish Maria.

Gerald Stuart

Alan Stuart

Mary Hunt

In-game, Mary was the villainess on Alan's route. After realizing Alan's feelings for Maria, she gives up and steps down with dignity, remaining on good terms with the agonist. Currently, they both belong to the Student Council and are friends.


  • Maria, along with Keith, are the two characters with the strongest magic.
  • Though she and Raphael are innocent-looking and pure, they are secretly involved in an organization that is planning to separate Katarina and Geordo.
  • She likes sweets and snacks.
  • She hates bitter and spicy food.
  • When asked about what she would like her lover to do for her, she replies that she would like them to take her to a wonderful place for a date. She then talks about Katarina.
I would love for them to take me to a wonderful place for a date. And then we would look at the view while eating from a lunchbox that I prepared. Ah... if we are going to have lunch outside, Lady Katarina would be excited if she were invited, too. Back when I was still eating my lunches outside, she did mention that she would love to try my cooking! I'll be sure to invite her if I go on this date.

—Mary, Volume 5 Character Profiles


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