Mary Hunt (メアリ ハント) is the 4th daughter of Marquis Hunt, a feeble and weak character in the otome game Fortune Lover who was supposed to have no contact with Katarina Claes.


Mary is a beauty with upper back-length auburn-brown hair that has bangs hanging on the right, doll-like brown eyes and a quite large bust.


Mary is Alan Stuart's fiancee who is also the rival character on his route. In the game settings, she didn’t think highly of Katarina Claes, and just like Alan, should have had almost no contact with Katarina, but she’s already one of her best friends now.

Mary Hunt is the youngest of four daughters in Marquis Hunt’s family. Although her mother was a very beautiful person, she wasn’t highly thought of in the mansion because her social status was low. Even so, her father and mother were very much in love. However, her three older sisters didn’t seem to think very highly of her. When her mother passed away-the environment around her changed completely. Since her father was often out working, without her mother anymore she had no more place in the mansion. Originally, since the servants were not very accepting of mother as she was low in social status, they would also not treat her daughter very well either.

The three older sisters began to harass her once her mother’s protection was lost. They would hide her things, or break them, or call her all sorts of names. “Dirty redhead,” “filled with low status,” “low class.” Hearing this abuse and harassment every day, her heart became quite weak, and she became afraid to come into contact with people, and was always frightened. Her only escape was the courtyard garden and found peace when taking care of the plants.

In our first meeting, she was so nervous, but Mary’s completely changed from her always frightened self in these seven years. She was excellent in her studies, had such a dignified and elegant manner when she made her social debut a little while ago, and her wonderful dancing monopolized the topic of conversation during her debut. She’s become exactly like the noble daughter that she was in the game.

However, in the game, Mary loved Alan from the bottom of her heart but Mary currently doesn’t seem to be deeply in love with Alan like that right now. They got along normally, but, she never really had anything to say about Alan and they hardly ever seemed to meet each other. Additionally, Mary should have become a splendid lady in order to become a lady befitting a prince’s bride, but it seems that Mary doesn’t actually care too much about being a prince’s wife. The two would have conversations, about their engagement to the princes' and so, to assuage Katarina's anxieties, Mary would tell her Boyfriend lets run away and get married/make kids

Game Description

In her childhood, Mary often clashed with her sisters from a different mother, and grew up hearing mean comments from her sisters every day, losing her self-confidence completely and thinking herself a useless person. In front of such a Mary, appeared Prince Alan Stuart, who praised Mary for her garden that she raised.She is know for her large chest to attract men

“Mary’s amazing. You have a green thumb!”

It is said that having a green thumb means your hands have a special talent for growing plants. And then, the prince told Mary that she was an amazing, special existence for having a green thumb. Mary regained some of her lost self-confidence from hearing Prince Alan’s words. And then, before she realized, she had come to love Prince Alan more than anyone else.

After that, Mary worked hard every day to become a worthy enough person to stand next to Prince Alan, and became a splendid lady admired by everyone by the time she entered school.

Game Routes



Alan Stuart

Mary in the game had an unrequited love for Alan. This was due to Alan who commended Mary's garden skills. She then developed feelings from him since childhood. Mary was also the main rival for Alan's route. However, she, unlike Catarina Claes, was more elegant and reasonable.

In the present timeline, Alan and Mary are on friendly terms. Mary manipulates his way of thinking and makes him think of Katarina as a friend. Mary, since childhood, always made sure Alan did not realize his feelings. Despite this, both are on good terms and help each other when in need.

In a side story, Alan meets Mary to break off their engagement after Catarina woke up from dark magic and he states that he had feelings for Catarina. Mary had a slip of tongue where she said "You were more serious than I thought. How troublesome," which Alan managed not to hear. Mary declines Alan's proposal saying that if an annulment were to happen, her family would definitely find her another engagement partner. She then states that she had a person she loved as well, which shocked Alan. She then states that even though the person she loves will never reciprocate her feelings, she would rather keep her engagement with Alan who is in a similar situation instead of someone completely different. They then came to an agreement where they would be engaged to each other until the time they both succeeded in having their love reciprocated. After this event, Alan then realizes that behind Mary's gentle facade is a cunning and manipulative woman.

Katarina Claes

In the present story, Mary met Catarina at her garden during a tea party hosted by the Hunt. Catarina was interested in farming and Mary was interested in gardening. As such, the two befriended each other and became best friends.

However after Catarina sabotaged Alan's line, Mary began developing feelings for her instead of Alan. She would think of manipulative plans to get ahead of her rivals. She even plans to kidnap her to live to a distant land far away from the kingdom, where she could have her all to herself.

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Geoffery Stuart


Ian Stuart


Nicole Ascart


Maria Campbell


Caesar Dall


Water Magic: Mary has a 3 on a 5-point scale water magic. Although not very powerful, it is still useful in times of need. She didn't have a chance to use it occasionally unlike other characters.


  • According to Hidaka Nami herself, Mary's concept was of "A beautiful woman yet gorgeous, elegant, and strong-willed."
  • Apparently, due to bullying, Mary is not on good terms with her sisters. In the spin-off, she states on having negative impressions about them. However, in the TVA version of volume 1, the bullying stopped although they didn't reconcile, at least before entering the academy.
  • Mary travels to many social circles to gain information and writes them down in a book which she keeps as confidential.
  • Mary has a pleasant reputation in high society. In addition to this, she is also skilled in navigating the politics of noble society.
  • One of Mary's specialties is dancing.
  • When Mary is asked what she would like her lover to do for her, she comments that she couldn't think much if said partner is to be male. She then says that she would want her 'male' lover to obey her commands and gullible, before cutting herself off. This implies that she is dominating if in a relationship.
Not much I can think of, if said partner is to be a man. If I had to come up with something, someone who follows my every command would be best. Someone gullible-- I mean, a straightforward and honest person.. of course.

—Mary Hunt, Volume 5 Character Profiles


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