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Millidiana Claes (ミリディアナ・クラエス) or formerly known as Millidiana Adeth is the wife of Luigi Claes and the mother of Katarina Claes and Keith Claes who is comically shown to be constantly scolding Katarina when she acted out of her role as a noble.


Like Katarina Claes, Millidiana has hip-length brown hair except she has her hair strand hanging on the left side and light blue eyes. Just like her daughter, she has sharp slanted eyes that give people the wrong impression of her.


Millidiana is a very strict mother who is always mindful of manners and social cues. Ironically, despite seeing herself as a proper lady who desires to shape her daughter to become like her, she is also very brash and loud with almost too much energy. According to Luigi, she is much more similar to her daughter than she thinks.


Millidiana is the second daughter of Duke Adeth, a family of equal standing to the Claes family, with tight, upturned eyes that caused her to be a little shy. As she was born with features that made her appear as though she is constantly looking down on people, she was not well liked among social circles and had no luck in finding a marriage partner. Her sisters and parents would constantly defend her to other people, as people always had the wrong impression about her. She was the last among her sister to be wed, leading her father to feel desperate.

As Duke Adeth asked Luigi Claes to take care of Millidiana, Luigi was "obligated" to marry her when Duke Adeth passed away. Among social circles, there has been whispers that Millidiana was married to Duke Luigi Claes out of duty, not out of love, which was not uncommon among the nobility. Millidiana was madly in love with her husband, but with her loved being strained by the truth brought upon her by the rumors, she felt as though there was a distance between them. It was as if the couple was both wearing masks; although not to the point where they hated each other but Katarina felt as if they were unfriendly.

That’s why, when looking at the young Keith and realizing his eyes were so similar to Luigi, it was rumored all throughout the manor that Keith was the child of one of the Luigi's mistresses. This caused Millidiana to think that Keith was her husband's illegitimate child and she almost divorced him.


Luigi Claes

During a party celebrating her younger sister's marriage, Millidiana was formally introduced to Luigi where she fell in love with him at a single glance. She found him very attractive, to the point of wanting to faint when being compliment by him when they got close. Despite being the same status as him, she didn't find herself worthy of her attention because of how people perceived her. Luigi spent the entire party chatting with Millidiana, much to her confusion. This confusion escalated even further when she finds out that he had asked for her hand days later.[1]

Millidiana was madly in love with Luigi, and fell even deeper in love the more he treats her kindly. Due to rumors and gossip circulating around her, she was made to believe that their marriage was merely to repay Duke Adeth's kindness to the Claes. Despite thinking that her husband does not love her, she still continued to love him even with the unspoken distance between them. Thanks to a series of incidents after the adoption of Keith into the household, the two realized that they were misunderstanding each other and their love for each other was renewed. They are finally able to feel like a married couple after years into their marriage.

In Fortune Lover, the misunderstandings between the two were never cleared, so Luigi lived his happy marriage with ignorance while Millidiana stayed bitter and confused over their marriage and about Keith.

Katarina Claes

Millidiana is a very strict mother to Katarina, and would often be reprimanding her for her lack of manners whenever they are seen together. Millidiana would often leave her daughter in the guiding hands of her adopted bother Keith, as he grew up to be much more mannered in comparison. Despite seeming ashamed of her daughter, she loves her very much and would constantly be butting heads with Prince Geordo in order to have their engagement cancelled in order to protect Katarina's reputation.[2]

In Fortune Lover, Katarina was raised to be a well-mannered noblewoman, just as her mother intended.

Keith Claes

Millidiana was initially very cold and hateful towards Keith, as she originally suspected that he was the son of her husband's mistress. His existence initially dug a deeper hole in the already strained relationship of Millidiana and Luigi, until the two were able to reconcile and clear up their misunderstandings. After the circumstance of Keith's background was revealed, she became much more accepting of him. Eventually, as her daughter grew to be wild and unmannered, Keith ended up becoming her favorite child because of how much of a responsible man he grew to become, and how similar they are when it comes to Katarina.

In Fortune Lover, the truth about Keith's background was never revealed, leading Millidiana to ignore and detest Keith all throughout his childhood.

Geordo Stuart

Millidiana, through the encouragement of Keith, would often ask the Prince to cancel the engagement between him and her daughter, Katarina, due to her being unfit as a royal consort. Thinking that Geordo is merely keeping the engagement out of obligation instead of love, she would often butt heads with Geordo unless it is to her benefit (like when Geordo encourages Katarina to take classes in manner in the castle in preparation for a formal event)[3]



Millidiana has very weak magic.


  • In the J-novels English translation of the light novels, her original surname was "Adiss" in Volume 1,[4] before it was changed to "Adeth" in Volume 5.[5]



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