Rafael Walt(ラファエル・ウォルト) or formerly Sirius Dieke(シリウス・ディーク) is a hidden character in the first part of the otome game Fortune Lover.

As Sirius, he was the student council president and a side character in Fortune Lover.


Previously known as Sirius Deek, an illegitimate son of Marquis Deek of a maid. In the town he lives, he was constantly being picked on though he has never told his mother. However, he and his mother were kidnapped by Marquess Deek. She who felt inferior to Rafael's mother who was both beautiful and bore a healthy and handsome son while Marquess Deek has a sickly son named Sirius Deek. Marquess Deek revealed her intention of both robbing the life and magic of Rafael and his mother.

A forbidden ritual happened and Rafael's mother died after her magic was moved to Sirius and Sirius died afterward his soul was extracted and merged to Rafael's body. Rafael became Sirius however, despite the merging of Sirius and Rafael's memories, Rafael still dominated his mind. After the forbidden ritual, Rafael obtained dark magic, and the men who had done the ritual were mercilessly killed by the Marquess. However, the moment that happened, one of the men cast a curse to Rafael which manipulated him to pursue revenge.

Game Description

A dangerous person that has dark magic. If successfully captured, he will have a sweet daily life with the heroine, if one fails, he will kill the heroine and all her friends in the student council. He has brilliant red hair and grey eyes.


As Sirius under the surface, he displays a professional dementor and is a kind person willing to help anyone. Showing no prejudice towards people as he is willing to accept Maria despite the fact she is a commoner. In reality, Sirius is a very hateful person who holds a deep grudge against the Marquess family this is mostly due to the curse that was placed on him. He is not complying with evil during Maria captivity he took care of her never striking her even giving her a proper meal.

As Rafael, he is a very kind individual and is very helpful he regrets his actions as Sirius.

Despite still being very caring and kind, he has a cunning side to him that he does not show. This trait is shared with Maria when they were stated to be secretly associated with an organization that plans to break off Katarina and Giord's engagement.


Katarina Claes

Upon first meeting her as Sirius he displayed a kind dementor towards her even allowing her to hang around the Student Council room. He even offers her Tea which he makes. In reality, he despise her to the point of calling her a Hypocrite, and Savior. He created well-detailed documents and manipulate girls who hated her just to frame her and have her get a kick out of school. Once Katarina confronted him and talks to him he returns to his original self he is thankful toward her for saving him.



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