Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being starts a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. Also called rebirth or transmigration.

Characters in reincarnation

Katarina Claes is an admirable lady who was born in nobility and has an unexpectedly tense personality. Before her reincarnation, she was a normal high school girl with short hair that was addicted to reading manga, watching anime and playing romantic games, such as the “Fortune Lover ”.  

   According to the manga book series: volume three, the protagonist was constantly playing her games till late the night, as result, she was never to school on time and for the same reason, she was also failing in most of her studies. The Mother of the protagonist always had to untangle her off the bed and had to “force her’’ to wake up. Furthermore, the parent repeatedly scolded her - reminding her the responsibilities she has as seventeen year old; a clue which informs us that Katarina, even in her previous life, couldn’t do anything properly without the help and support of her friends and family.

   The heroine has a father and a brother, just like in the game. The only difference was that her sibling was older than her. She had a wonderful grandmother who cared to spend time in the fields. One vegetable, which the hero is fond of, seems to be her cucumber. In both universes, Katarina is well known for her uncontrollable appetite. 

   Last but not least, Katarina showed to have only one dear person in the school, who preferred to share her food with and had the same interest with her. A-chan was her best friend, in which, affirming to the Light Novel and manga, has too reincarnated in this otome game world.  


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