Sophia Ascart (ソフィア・アスカルト Sofia Asukaruto) is the daughter of Dan Ascart and Radea Ascart, the younger sister of Nicole Ascart and the rival character during his path in the game, although details regarding her story are sparse; since Katarina Claes never played that route. She was considered cursed due to her silver hair and red eyes, causing her to live a life of isolation until she met Catarina and opened up to her because of Catarina's genuine compliments and offer to be her friend. It's eventually revealed that she is actually the reincarnation of Catarina's best friend during her previous life Atsuko Sasaki (佐々木 敦子, Sasaki Atsuko).


Sophia is a very cute girl with thigh-length pure white hair that was completely devoid of any color and her eyes were the color of blood.


Sophia is a shy girl, because of her hermit past and it takes a while for her to open up to Katarina Claes. She is a bookworm, spending all her time reading in solitude. She is very self conscious about her albino appearance and originally feared interaction with other people, convinced that no one would like her because she looked like a monster


Sophia (ソフィア・アスカルト) is Nicole Ascart's sister and the rival for the Nicole route. She’s a beauty just like her brother, and shouldn’t have had any contact with Katarina either, but she’s now her romance novel comrade, and one of her best friends just like Mary.

She used to shut herself in her room until she was almost ten, reading a great amount of books, so her book recommendations have never missed their marks. She also has great talent in discovering wonderful new works, which made Katarina call Sophia my teacher out of reverence.

Sophia always loved Nico from the bottom of her heart, she would often speak of her onii-chan so fondly saying “onii-sama is so wonderful. I’d recommend him as a husband.” If a person that Nico likes happens to appear, she might just start sulking.


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