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Suzanna Randall (スザンナ・ランドール) is the fiancée of Geoffrey Stuart. Though the two don't like each other, they maintained the status quo as betrothed. According to Selena Burke, she is praised as the most intelligent woman in the country.

Under the pseudonym Larna Smith (ラーナ・スミス), she is the Director of the Magic Tool Laboratory in the Magic Ministry.


Larna Smith disguised as a maid.

Suzanna is a beautiful woman who has black-red ombre hair, with short bangs and blue eyes. She is typically seen wearing a red dress or suit. It is said that even her sleeping face is full of sex appeal.

Larna Smith in the opening credits working in the Ministry of Magic.

As Lana, she has different appearances depending on what she needs in the moment, such as the appearance of a humble maid with a clean uniform and brown hair tied to a bun. Her usual appearance is a clean face with a low ponytail, wearing a red suit inside her ministry uniform.


Suzanna has a very charming and seductive aura, according to Raphael. She is described as very intelligent and cunning by her subordinates in the Magic Ministry. When something catches her interest, she would ignore everything else around her. Suzanna is a very eccentric boss, who always skips director's meetings to study magic or to take on her fiancée's requests. She doesn't realize that her expression of that fantasizing something mirrored Geoffrey’s as he gazed at his oil painting of his brothers. Whenever she is feeling troubled, she would complain about it to her little sister. She is described as kind to her allies, but merciless to her enemies.


Suzanna is the second daughter of Marquis Randall. As a child, Suzanna loved reading books about magic and was immediately and deeply hooked. She has spent her time in the Magic Academy training and studying magic even further, and decided to continue pursuing magic in the Magic Ministry. For Suzanna, magic is what brought color to her life[1]. She would often skip tea parties and other social events in order to study magic, much to the disapproval of her parents, especially her father. Due to this, she successfully avoided any chances to meet her future fiancé.

Suzanna is the master of disguise of the Ministry of Magic, and is known to others as Larna Smith. The only ones who know of this fact apart Geoffrey are a few higher-ups in the Ministry. Suzanna is a professional disguise and makeup artist. She disguises herself and uses an alias because if she worked in the Ministry as ‘Suzanna’, she wouldn’t be able to move as freely as she. Thanks to her secret identity, she can conveniently take on Geoffrey’s requests from the shadows. Requests just like when Geoffrey requested that Suzanna investigate the House of Mason due to the kidnapping incident–or to be more precise, after noticing their suspicious behavior. Thanks to his request, the case was quickly closed. Suzanna, who knows well how Geoffrey thinks that he purposefully let Mason into his faction to get him moving, so he could then push him to ruin after gathering plenty of evidence of his misdeeds.[2]


Geoffrey Stuart

Suzanna first met Geoffrey during a matchmaking meeting, where she greeted him by telling him that she had no interest in anything other than magical research and that had no interest in being a princess. In response, he told her that he had no interest in anything other than his brothers and that he had no intention to ascend the throne. Despite her disinterest in getting engaged, Geoffrey offered her to accept it with the promise of allowing her to study magic much more comfortably if he was by her side[3]. The two ended up getting along fairly well since that first meeting ten years ago and continued their everyday life of pursuing and punishing evildoers; Suzanna for the Ministry of Magic, him for his brothers. Suzanna appreciates Geoffrey for being largely the reason why she can avoid the topic of marriage as she please in the Ministry. Suzanna sees him as her companion and partner.

Katarina Claes

Suzanna is amused of Katarina Claes ever she caught her attention at the twin princes’ birthday party. Normally, she doesn't really have much interest in others but because Katarina moves are unlike that of normal noble, she further investigated her and she found out more amusing things about her beyond the rumors.

Katarina is the second person that she has told about her history and love for magic, with her fiancée being the first. She then felt the need to put Katarina Claes in the Ministry of Magic and have her by her side.

Raphael Walt

Suzanna is Raphael's superior in the Magic Ministry. She took him in into her department because she wanted to tap into his undiscovered potential. Despite taking him in for his past with dark magic, Suzanna ends up trusting Raphael and sees him as a valuable employee. In order to conceal Raphael's identity, she constantly disguises his appearance and dyes his hair. Whenever she is not a work, Raphael would be the one to take over her paperwork, which she notes as a sign of his trust in him.[4]

Sora Smith

Suzanna is Sora's superior and boss in the Magic Ministry. She took him in into her department because she thought she wanted to tap into his undiscovered potential, and because she wanted to study his Dark Magic.

Guy "Laura" Handerson

As Larna, the two share a very professional relationship where Laura is usually tasked to report events surrounding Katarina. Laura finds Larna odd but respects her as an intelligent and capable boss.

Cyrus Lanchester

Suzanna and Cyrus are both directors in the Magic Ministry, but they do not usually get along because of their clashing personalities. Suzanna doesn't mind what Cyrus says regarding her behavior and her management, and would ignore his scolding about how to run her department. Her carefree nature makes Cyrus dislike her, due to his own strict and no-nonsense personality.

Fray Randall

Suzanna and Fray are step-siblings. Whenever Suzanna feels overwhelmed by their father's scoldings, she would often complain about it to her little sister.


Wind Magic

Suzanna has very strong Wind magic, and is generally an expert in magecraft due to years of studying and experimenting on magic.[5]

Master of Disguise

Suzanna is a very talented master of disguise and make up artist. She is talented enough to conceal her identity without flaw whenever the situation calls for it. She also donates her skills to the benefit of other people, i.e. helping Raphael hide his identity in the Ministry by applying make up and dyeing his hair.


  • Suzanna's aliases have unique names: as a maid her name becomes Lana (ラナ), and as a director her name becomes Larna (ラーナ).
  • Both Suzanna and Geoffrey are the type to obsess over their interests, with Suzanna being the "magic freak" and Geoffrey being the "brocon".
  • Prince Geoffrey and Suzanna are very similar to Prince Alan and Mary
    • Both males are silver-haired princes that are engaged to highly respected, intelligent, well-mannered and envied marchioness in high society.
    • Both royal engagements are maintained so that the respective partners can focus on their interests and passions without the annoyances of marriage proposals (though for Alan and Mary, this arrangement had only been established recently[6]). The interests and passions that they desire to pursue are: His brothers for Geoffrey, Magical Research for Suzanna, and Katarina for Alan and Mary.



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