Suzanna Randall is the fiance of Geoffrey Stuart. Though the two don't like each other, they maintained the status quo as fiance. According to Selena Burke, she is praised as the most intelligent woman in the country.



Suzanna Randall is the master of disguise of the Ministry of Magic and is known to others as Lahna Smith. The only ones who know of this fact apart Geoffrey are a few higher-ups in the Ministry. She explain why disguise herself and use a fake name is because if she worked in the Ministry as ‘Suzanna’, she wouldn’t be able to move as freely as she. Thanks to her secret identity, she can conveniently take on Geoffrey’s requests from the shadows.

Requests just like when Geoffrey requested that Suzanna investigate the House of Mason due to the kidnapping incident–or to be more precise, after noticing their suspicious behaviour. Thanks to his request, the case was quickly closed. Suzanna, who knows well how Geoffrey thinks that he purposefully let Mason into his faction to get him moving, so he could then push him to ruin after gathering plenty of evidence of his misdeeds.

Suzanna first met Geoffrey she greeted him by telling him that she had no interest in anything other than magical research and that had no interest in being a princess. In response, he told her that he had no interest in anything other than his brothers and that he had no intention to ascend the throne. The two ended up getting along fairly well since that first meeting ten years ago and continued their everyday life of pursuing and punishing evildoers, Suzanna for the Ministry of Magic, him for his brothers. Suzanna do appreciate this pervert (Geoffrey) for being largely the reason why she can avoid the topic of marriage as she please in the Ministry.

Suzanna was also amused of Katarina Claes after she caught her attention at the twin princes’ birthday party. Normally, she don’t really have much interest in others but because Katarina moves that of unlike a normal noble she further investigated her and she found out more amusing the rumours.

She then felt the need to put Katarina Claes in the Ministry of Magic and have her by her side. She didn’t realize that her expression of that fantasizing something mirrored Geoffrey’s as he gazed at his oil painting of his brothers.




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